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Quarantine Fat Burner Ab Workout - Julian Miramontes



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♬ Rockstar Shit - Blind.See


After you have done this exercise a few times, focus on slowly increasing the reps or the time duration.

Exercise Sets Reps
In & Out (each side) 4

10 - 12

Side Crunches 4 10 - 12
Plank 2 30 sec
Pank In & Out Taps 4 20


Julian Miramontes, STAXX Elite (Author)

Hey everyone! My name is Julian. I am an aspiring bodybuilder, fitness influencer, nutrition coach, and fitness entrepreneur. Through my engagement with the STAXX community, my Instagram, and TikTok - you will find creative and fun workouts that will truly take you closer to the physique you aspire to achieve. Learn more about Julian.

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