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Julian Miramontes, STAXX Elite

Hey STAXX community! My name is Julian Miramontes, I am the founder and CEO of the fitness apparel brand NXT LVL. I am an aspiring bodybuilder, fitness influencer, nutrition coach, and fitness entrepreneur.

I have an obsession for guiding those from where they are to where they want to be and use my passion as a way to give back to the world through fitness. I have a background of physical fitness that roots down to my love for sports. 

Through the many trials and tribulations life has gifted me, I have found the unforeseen ways to conquer the many obstacles of life. Whether you have a craving for mastering the art of mindset - to finding the true potential you hold within your fitness journey, I am your guy.

With a rapidly growing TikTok of 2,000+ followers, you will find creative and fun workouts that will truly take you closer to the physique you aspire to achieve. I will continually be posting workouts 2-3 times per day and will surely provide an immense amount of value with each one. Workouts are sure to be different each day in order to provide a greater variety from which you will be able to choose from. Whether it be resistance bands/bodyweight workouts to the grit and grind of the gym, I've got you covered.

You can also find me on Instagram. Here we take it one step further. I go beyond the workouts to provide an even deeper understanding of what it truly takes in order to achieve that body you aspire to have. Here you will uncover cooking strategies that I personally use along with great supplements that have proven their worth. And don't worry, you’ll find great aesthetic workout videos here too. This allows you to take an even closer step in my life, into what I do on a daily basis. I cover what macronutrients are needed to focus on, great and delicious healthy meals, and a fun enjoyable environment for all.





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