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STAXX Nutrition

STAXX Nutrition is geared towards those weekend warriors, individuals with physically demanding jobs, those long hours days, and stay-at-home at parents. As everyone’s lives differ, the goal is the same: maintain a mentally- and physically-healthy lifestyle.

STAXX created a simple and straight-forward way to buy supplements online rather than go into a store by delivering right to your door! STAXX’s subscription based model offers the personalization to create a supplement stack that hits your lifestyle while saving you time, money, and peace of mind.

Created by two founders who wouldn't settle for less.

Josh and Nick starting STAXX

Photo: Nick A. and Josh G., STAXX Nutrition Founders, starting STAXX in 2019. The two are trying to figure out the sizing of shipping boxes that will fit STAXX Packs. 

Nick and Josh first met in college over 5 years ago with no foresight that they would end up starting one of the fastest growing supplement companies. After both founders pursuing their own paths in the business world or further pursing their education, Nick and Josh's paths crossed again through their passion for rock climbing. 

Using supplements while working out or being active have been a long-time staple for both, but further educating themselves or simply going out to buy them was becoming harder and harder with the demands of their career paths. 

Why wasn't there a service that provided top-shelf, clean ingredients without the overpriced overhead? And it'll be nice if it could be delivered to my door so I don't have to fuss with the crowds just for buying supplements. 

After researching various supplement products at retail stores like GNC and online at Amazon - Nick and Josh concluded there really weren't supplements available for what they were looking for. 

After months of research and hundreds of trials, STAXX Nutrition was founded with core goal to provide a convenient way to get the top-grade ingredients at fair prices.


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