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Great Communication. Great Product.

Thanks to the team over at STAXX - I received my order quickly and as advertised.
Friendly customer service and will definitely shop with them again!

A Comfortable Fit!

Purchased in a size medium, the material of the shirt is super soft and comfortable! I feel like I'm able to wear this either to the gym or with jeans during the day to run errands! Can't wait to see more styles in the future! :)

Its my favorite workout shirt

Very soft and breathable, I'd recommend everyone in the Staxx family to pick up one of the shirt. I bought two of them, one for regular workouts, and one where I cut out the sleeves and sides so I can breathe a little extra during my intense workouts. Love it!

Great shirt for working out and just everyday wear

Shirt is made from a nice light fabric that works well in dry and wet conditions (sweat). I am most surprised at how often I wear the shirt casually as well. I was wearing it all summer since it was so hot and the light breathable fabric made it a perfect shirt to wear on extremely hot days.

I also really like the simplistic design. most work out shirts really try and make their logo the biggest focus of the item but I like the simple, not flashy logo.

would definitely like to have a few extra laying around!!

Great fit T-Shirt

Fits better than most t-shirts I own. Shoulders and sleeves are snug but not excessively tight, length is perfect and material is good quality.

Comfortable Shirt, Good Fit.

At first I thought the shirt was going to be too soft. It isn't stretchy like Under Armor and not stiff like a Gildan tee. It's a good mix of the two. I noticed that it's comfortable enough to wear at the gym, or when running errands on the weekends. I would consider buying other styles once they are available.

Great taste and improved performance

I bought the fruit punch pre-workout, french vanilla protein powder, and the peach tea BCAA and I enjoy all the flavors. They dissolve in water pretty easily and you don’t taste any powder clumps. As for the performance, I have seen increases in my lifts and hitting new personal best in just 2 weeks of using the product

Preworkout is fueg

Take two scoops and you'll be able to see several dimensions at once. Truly terrifying while also enlightening

It alright

When I take this preworkout, I’m unsure if it actually helps me. Even though each scoop say 400 mg of caffeine I don’t know if I should take more to make me feel motivated. Maybe add beta alanine.

Great pre-workout without the side effects

Pre-workout tastes great and doesn’t have some of the side effects I’ve experience with others. Also don’t crash later on.

Feeling Staxx

The ultimate protein for your workout. Definitely great taste too!

Awesome Shirt

Really enjoy the quality of the shirt. Unlike others this shirt has a soft touch and overall great feeling that doesnt hurt my skin when wiping the sweat off my face. On top of that the style of the shirt is fashionable and comfortable unlike typical gym wear of the same value. I love this shirt and cant wait for more styles in the future.

Dependable Energy, No Side Effects

Staxx Pre-Workout gave the energy I needed after long day of work to get me off the couch and to the gym. It gave me no excuse to be lazy because I knew that once I took it, I was set for an intense workout. There were no side or after effects after taking it and it gave me a smooth workout every time. From lifting to jogging, I felt that I got more out of my workouts when using it rather than not. I can't wait to see how it works in conjunction with other Staxx products.

Full stack was worth it

Purchased a full stack and am not disappointed at all. The one suggestion I would have, maybe smaller handles for the preworkout scooper? Or maybe a way to attach it to the lid of the canister!

Preworkout is crack

The protein tastes better than O.N. for a similar price. But what really gets me is the fucking Preworkout. I take one scoop in the morning and run 26.2 miles to work. Do 8 hours of work in 30 minutes, hop in the San Francisco Bay and backstroke to my gym in the South Bay and get a pump and I still have enough energy to do lunges up my 36 story apartment stairwell. In all seriousness, this preworkout is the shit. It doesn’t give me the jitters and it keeps me energized through my workout. I recommend you try it, it actually works.

T Shirt & Pre Workout

Great shirt, fit well and didn’t shrink. Pre workout was great as well. Will probably re-up.

Great Product! Bright future!

Staxx’s supplements worked great for all my pre and post workout needs! The fruit punch pre workout packs a punch without making me itch throughout my workout! The protein has a great flavor (good enough where it tastes good with water when I was out of milk). The peach BCAAs were by far my favorite! I found my preferred water to BCAA ratio, and now it is my favorite morning drink!

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