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Become a STAXX Ambassador

We are actively seeking passionate people to help promote our brand. We believe our products are suitable for people from all walks of life and we want the STAXX Family to embody this idea. It doesn't matter if you are a nurse, teacher, construction worker, first responder, full-time mom, or someone who just started working out.

If you feel that this idea fits with your vision of fitness, we want you to become a part of the STAXX Family!


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How does the STAXX Ambassador Program Work?

There are a three program tiers that you can participate in: Affiliate, Ambassador, and Elite. Each of the program tier has different qualifications and associated benefits. After you complete your the STAXX Ambassador Applications, STAXX will evaluate your social profile and contact you for which tier you qualify for. 

Is there compensation for participating in the STAXX Ambassador Program? 

As an ambassador of STAXX, we will generate a unique code for your to promote STAXX with. If anyone uses your unique code, you will receive up to 10% commission from that referral. Here's how we are different: If someone gets one of our subscriptions (such as a STAXX Pack), you will receive recurring commission for each month* they are with STAXX. This is a great way to start building some truly passive income

How often do I need to post about STAXX?

The requirements to post STAXX varies on the tier you are associated with. For example: if you are an affiliate, there are no requirements to post while an Elite has defined posting requirements. 

*Participants in the STAXX Ambassador Program receiving commission from a subscription can receive recurring commission for up to 12 months, unless otherwise stated by STAXX

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